Lest we Forget - PC Patrick Dunne

Lest we Forget - PC Patrick Dunne

PC Patrick Dunne was murdered on duty on 20th October 1993.  We will never forget.

On 20th October 1993 PC Dunne attended a domestic dispute at a house in Cato Road in Clapham.  On hearing gunshots he left the house to investigate. Gary Lloyd Nelson and two others had just executed William Danso in a hail of bullets in the doorway of his house.  Nelson said Danso disrespected him by refusing him entry to a nightclub then breaking up a fight in which Nelson was involved.  PC Dunne was in full uniform and wearing a relective jacket, and as such was easily identifiable as a police officer.  He was unarmed  As he emerged from the house to investigate the gunshots he was shot in the chest by Gary Lloyd Nelson. A celebratory shot was fired into the air and Nelson and his accomplices left the scene laughing.

Nelson was convicted of the murder in 2006 and sentenced to life imprisonment with a minimum term of 35 years.

This clip is a moving tribute to the popular officer.  May he rest in peace.