Lest We Forget - PC  Laurence Peter Brown

Lest We Forget - PC Laurence Peter Brown

 PC Laurence Peter Brown was murdered on duty on August 28th 1990.  We will not forget.

PC Laurence Peter Brown was just 27 years old when he was murdered on duty by Mark Gaynor.  PC Brown was married with a four month old daughter and had been a police officer for nine years.  On the evening of 28th August 1990 he responded to a 999 call concerning a male breaking into cars.  The unarmed officer walked into Pownell Road, Hackney where he met Gaynor, who pulled out a shotgun and shot PC Brown in the chest.  He died from blood loss from his injuries.

Gaynor was arrested, convicted and sentenced to life imprisonment.

A memorial erected by the Police Memorial Trust marks the spot in Pownell Road where PC Brown died.