News of armed officers unit triggers the strangest comments

News of armed officers unit triggers the strangest comments

Sometimes, attempting to understand the logic of statements by certain local politicians and Metropolitan Police Authority (MPA) members is like trying to knit fog.

When news that the Met Firearms Branch’s proactive unit was to be given more resources, incredible comments started appearing in parts of the press.

Joanne McCartney, who is Labour's policing spokeswoman on the London Assembly, is quoted as saying: "We want fewer guns on the street, not more and people to feel safe in their community…”

Which is fine. Until she adds: “…not scared of those who are supposed to protect them."

Does this lady seriously believe that people are more frightened of trained, armed police than they are of gun-wielding criminals?

MPA Green Party representative Jenny Jones is quoted as saying that she "can't believe that the sight of a policeman with a machine gun will make people feel safer?"

Why can't she believe this? And does she believe that those neighbourhoods where shootings are on the increase - and the number of shootings in London is certainly rising - would feel safer if they saw more gang members with guns instead? Which will almost certainly happen if steps are not taken to curb them.

Perhaps she believes that the armed criminals should be stopped by unarmed police?

By the way, the proactive unit is not new and there are no reports from those areas where they are already operating of anyone (other, perhaps, than criminals) being in any way upset that armed officers are tackling the gunmen in the midst of their communities.