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'The Government has chosen a route that will lead the Police Service off a cliff'

'The Government has chosen a route that will lead the Police Service off a cliff'

A message from the Met Police Federation's new Chairman, John Tully.

As I begin to get to grips with the role of Chairman of the Met Federation, I see you, the people I represent, facing unprecedented challenges:

THE Government-sponsored Winsor I & II reports on officer pay and conditions

A TWO-YEAR pay freeze and a two-year ceiling on any pay rise of one per cent following the pay freeze

A MAJOR review of, and change to, the Police Pensions mechanism

TWENTY per cent cut to budgets

SUGGESTIONS that Force strengths will be drastically reduced after the Olympics are over

THE closure and sale of police stations

A MOVE towards a new Local Policing Model

OFFICER morale at record low levels

EVER-INCREASING demands on officers to respond to senior management aspirations

RISING levels of crime

The phrase 'enough is enough' has been used many times recently. And when you consider the list above - which is by no means comprehensive - you can see why. How much more can beleaguered officers take before something breaks?

Some fundamental issues need to be addressed, the paramount one being: where exactly is the Police Service heading?

Are we going to become a paramilitary force, dealing with confrontation and coercion issues while all the other traditional policing tasks are gifted to the private sector for profit-making?

We have reached a watershed; a pivotal point in time. The Government obviously has a blueprint for the Police Service which involves thousands fewer warranted officers, dramatically different priorities and the introduction of political overlords.

The Federation has a statutory duty to promote the efficiency and welfare of its members. This has traditionally been discharged by Representatives protecting members' rights in areas such as misconduct, equality and health and safety, as well as holding management to account where necessary

The Metropolitan Police Federation recently launched a campaign, asking officers to 'Do It Right' This, we hope, will protect our members from falling foul of misconduct and will hold managers to account where those rules have not been applied correctly.

We have received a a lot of positive feedback and have also discovered widespread mis-application of the rules - something which my colleagues and I are working hard to rectify.

The map of policing is changing forever and the Government has chosen a route that will lead the Police Service off a cliff, resulting in rising crime and deteriorating public safety.

I call on them to pause and re-evaluate what they are doing before it's too late.

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